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Tucker Family History (Kentucky…Ohio…California)


Robert Thomas Tucker (Nov. 15, 1896-Feb. 25, 1969) Mary Ada Tracey (1891=1981)

Son of Horace Greeley Tucker and Louise Yaney.  Horace was the son of  Thomas C. and Sarah J. Tucker


Born November 15, 1896 in Dayton, Kentucky (upriver from Covington), and died February 25, 1969 in Pasadena, CA.  He married Mary Ada Tracey June 25, 1919 in St. Xavier's Church, Cincinatti, OH.  Mary Ada was the daughter of Cornelius Tracey and Mary Ann Hopkins.  Mary Ada was born January 31, 1891 in Cincinnati, OH, and died December 21, 1981 in Arcadia, California.


Notes for Robert Thomas Tucker: Robert Tucker’s daughter Mary Louise (my mother) said that Robeert and Mary Ada worked at Corcoran's in Cincinatti and she thinks her parent's friendship might have blossomed there...Mary Louise remembers as a little girl that they would take a wagon across the river to the county to see her father’s grandmother.  His own parents Horace and Louise died when they were in the 30s.  My mother Mary Louise was named after her two grandmothers (Mary Ann Hopkins Tracey and Louise Tucker).  This Tucker grandmother smoked a little pipe (and may have been of Native American heritage??).

Robert Thomas Tucker’s occupation: 1920, Assembler/City Directory 
Residence: 1920: (living with Mary Ada Tracey, his wife and daughter Mary Louise) 959 Pavilion/City Directory 1920-21  Source: Mary Louise Pruett and the Covington Public Library 

Robert Thomas and Mary Ada Tucker  Holy Cross cemetary, Los Angeles

Horace's mother and father (Tucker) owned land in Boone County on Goodridge Drive, Lot 89 ("the deed reads on Goodridge Drive corner no. 88 running in an easterly direction 307 feet to the water)."  The deed was granted to Robert Tucker 2-22-38.  Deed Book, no.75 page 206.  Robert Tucker sold the land to J. B. Sanders and Laura C. Sanders of Covington, Kenton County.

Goodridge Drive     county: Boone
          type: Road
        source: US Census TIGER Files
      latitude: 390018N
     longitude: 0843707W
     tiger map: *
   topo viewer: *

Horace Greeley Tucker (1872-1911) and Louise Yaney

Born in Scott  County(?), KY, and died October 12, 1911 in Southgate, Campbell County, KY.  He married Louise Yaney (1872-1908)  in Dayton, Campbell County, KY (Dayton is "up river" from Covington.)  Listed in the 1900 census:  “Greely” Tucker, 1872:  "27 years old in the year 1900, Kentucky place of birth, mother born in Kentucky and father in Kentucky." 

Tucker tombstones:

Horace and Louise Tucker (Evergreen cenetary, Southgate, KY 

Louisa Tucker's internment card 

Allison and Rose Funeral Home at Allison & Rose Funeral Home Inc.  1021 Madison Avenue Covington, KY  41011 (859 261-1046) ere the undertakers for Louisa Tucker in 1908.  They may have some records regarding her parents.  Note:  a visit to them in June 2003 yielded nothing.  Because of a lawsuit, they will no release any information.

Elizabeth Tucker Sipple Shivel (Evergreen cenetary, Southgate, KY 

Elizabeth Tucker Sipple Shivel's internment card

Clara Tucker (1905-1913) internment card (daughter of Horace Greeley and Louisa Tucker)



Kentucky 1910 Miracode Index

Greely Tucker In Kentucky (A phoenetic index to the 1910 US Federal Census of Kentucky. )
Name:    Greely Tucker
Birthplace:    Kentucky 
County:    Campbell, Dayton 
Relatives:    Daughter Florence M 19, Kentucky
Daughter Sadia 17, Kentucky
Son Robert J 14, Kentucky
Son Edward 12, Kentucky
Son Lonie 10, Ohio
Daughter Goldie E 08, Ohio
Son George 04, Ohio

Enumeration District:    0045 
Visit:    0010 
Color:    W 
Age:    38  







1880 census image     Scott County, KY  Year: 1880; Census Place: Lytles Fork, Scott, Kentucky; Roll: T9_441; Family History Film: 1254441; Page: 105C; Enumeration District: 171; Image: 0515.




Horace G. TUCKER




Estimated birth year:









Home in 1880:


Lytles Fork, Scott, Kentucky

Marital status:









Head of household:



Father's birthplace:



Mother's birthplace:





Louise Tucker

Louise Yaney (1872-1908):  Louise is listed in the 1900 census:  "Louise Tucker, 1872, 27 years old, KY birth, mother Kentucky, father Germany."  Louise died at age 36 of a stroke.  I have her obituary.  She had been doing housework all day and took a nap in the afternoon and never woke up.  Cause of death: Apoplexy (stroke)
Horace died 3 years later.  Children:  Florence, Sadie, Robert, Ed, Lonie, George, Elizabeth, Clara.   Children were separated:  Elizabeth was in a foster home, George was adopted bya couple named Gordon.  Sadie, Robert, Ed, and Lonie lived with Florence in the family home.  Robert would have been about 12 at the time.  Louise Tucker and Horrace (sic) are buried at Evergreen Cemetary, Lot 31, section 28.  Louise died at home, 109 McKinney Ave., in Dayton, Campbell County, Kentucky.  Florence Tucker was still living there in 1910.  The city directory lists a Henry Tucker at this same address (probably is a typo for Horace) since he didn't die until 1911.  He is listed as occupation: driver.  Source: Mary Louise Pruett and the Covington Public Library.


Children of Horace Tucker and Louise Yaney are:


1.  William A. Tucker, born 1895.  Cause of death (Facts Pg): he and his fiance died in the flu epidemic of 1919.    Wlliam Tucker (Evergreen cemetary)


 2.  Florence M. Tucker, born Abt. 1891 in KY; died in Ohio.  She married Thomas P. Haley; born May 08, 1888 in Ohio; died January 15, 1962 in Ohio.  Note:  no children.  Residence: 1910, 109 McKinney Avenue, Dayton, Campbell co., KY    Source: Mary Louise Pruett and the Covington Public Library


More About her husband:  Thomas P. Haley:  Occupation: fireman/Cincinnati  Source: Death memorial card, Tucker family Bible


3. Sarah A. Tucker, born Abt. 1893 in KY.  (This was SADIE)


4. Robert Thomas Tucker, born November 15, 1896 in Dayton, Kentucky (upriver from Covington); died February 25, 1969 in Pasadena, CA.


5. Edward Tucker, born 1898 in KY; died in Covington, KY.  He married Hazel.
In 1972, my sister Kathy, my grandmother Mary Ada Tracey Tucker and I  traveled to Cincinnati for a family reunion.  We drove out to Ed and Hazel Tucker’s house  (Robert Tucker’s brother).  We took highway 275 east until Montgomery Road exit.  After turn, we turned left which was route 22.  Continued on that road to Route 50 bypass.  Turned left and that took us to Milford.  Went to the next town and after you reach that stop light, their house was 5 miles from the stoplight.


6. Lonnie Tucker, born 1900 in Ohio; died 1972 in Campbell County, KY.   Notes for Lonnie Tucker: LONNIE TUCKER Request Information.  Residence:  41071  Covington, Kenton, KY
Born 4 Dec 1901 Last Benefit:  Died Aug 1972 Issued:  KY (Before 1951).  Source:


7. Goldie E. Tucker, born Abt. 1902 in Ohio.


8. Clara Tucker 1905-1913


9.  George Tucker, born Abt. 1906 in Ohio; died 1919 in Louisville, KY (flu?).More About George Tucker:  Adoption?: Gordon first name... family  Robert Tucker found him in Texas when Florence's estate was settled;  attorney located him...Source:  Mary Louise Tucker Pruett


10. Elizabeth Tucker, born Abt. 1908 in Dayton, Campbell County, KY (up river from Covington). Elizabeth had a daughter named Tonya...who married another Tucker (Brack Tucker??)  

Tombstone:Elizabeth Tucker Sipple Shivel (Evergreen cenetary, Southgate, KY   859 4410703 



Thomas C. Tucker (1838-1910+?) &

Sarah J. Tucker (1848-1910+)



Other items to exlore:


Contributed to the USGW Kentucky Archives by:
William R. Navey   ""
September 30, 1998  JOHN TUCKER
                    SCOTT COUNTY
                    NORTH CAROLINA LINE
                    $96.00 ANNUAL ALLOWANCE
                    $1,534.76 AMOUNT RECEIVED
                    NOVEMBER 17, 1818 PENSION STARTED
                    AGE 81  [born 1754]

Write to Beard Cemetery at Davis to see what Tuckers are buried there…

Write to Cherry (Run) Spring Cemetery at US 460 and Newtown (Scott County)


Archived with permission of Sandi Gorin


As a new series of information for my readers, and to be interspersed with the

other tips, I am going to publish a list of Revolutionary War soldiers that was

was drawn up by Anderson Chenault Quisenberry, Secretary of War to Congress in

1835 and published later by the Kentucky Society of the American Revolution.

Quisenberry's original works were done in 1895, and at the end of the series I

would like to add some of his comments. These lists are all the pensioners under the

Act of March 18, 1818 and the Act of June 7, 1832. The first date is when the

individual was placed on the pension rolls; the second when the pension began.

Age, if shown, would be age at time of application (for the act of 1818).

Tucker, John, Pvt NC line; 17 Nov 1818; 17 Apr 1818; $96; age 81.