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VIRGINIA (1654-c1722)

Henry PREWITT was born in 1654, and is thought to have been a son of Thomas PREWITT, who was transported to Charles Rover Co.,VA, in 1636. On April 25, 1679, Henry was listed with the heads of families in Henrico Co.,VA when he was a tithable and assessed to support an army to defend against the Indians. In the same group of 40 neighbors was Colonel William BYRD. Henry evidently owned land at that time, since he was taxed. He was not a large land owner by comparison to the CARTER's, BYRD's, RANDOLPH's, or WASHINGTON's, who owned thousands of acres, but to be a land owner at age 25 was of some importance

In 1686, Henry was granted 220 acres on the north side of the James River in Henrico Co., which tract he sold to Mary (Fields) JONES in 1697. On April 20, 1687, Henry PREWITT and John FIELDS were granted 440 acres of land in Varina Parish, Henrico County, on the north side of the James River, beginning at Almond Creek. Henry was involved with the FIELDS and JONES families throughout the records of Henrico County. Mary FIELDS, sister of Thomas and John FIELDS, married Edward Jones and Henry PREWITT administered the estate of Edward JONES in 1695.

On August 3, 1691, Henry PREWITT, supported by John FIELDS, was sued by William BYRD. The only connection we have found between the PREWITT and BYRD families is that they resided close together. Henry PREWITT's land on Almond Creek was about 20 miles up the James River from William BYRD's plantation Westover. Many families followed the BYRD's into southern Virginia, and the PREWITT's were among them, settling in northern Halifax County in 1745.

Henry PREWITT married Rebecca DOBBS in Henrico County, VA on August 20, 1691. According to depositions taken in court that month. Henry was age 37, so this may have been a second marriage for him. Henry may have first married a FIELDS, or else John Fields was married to a sister of Henry PREWITT.

In 1711, Henry PREWITT, over aged person, was exempt from paying poll tax. At the June Court 1722, Henrico County, Rebecca PREWITT, widow of Henry, was summoned to administer the estate of her husband. Rebecca died in Henrico County, VA in 1748.

The Children of Henry PREWITT and Rebecca Dobbs were:

1.Thomas b.c1693 Henrico, Co., VA

4.Richard b.c 1698 Henrico, Co., VA

2.Andrew b.c1695 Henrico, Co., VA

5.Uriah b.c1699 Henrico, Co., VA

3.Hugh b.c1697 Henrico, Co., VA

6.Rebeccaa b.c1702 Henrico, Co., VA

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